Praying Mantis Egg Case in Nashville Tn

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Protect the Mantis Egg Case in your garden

This is a praying mantis egg case. If you find one in the garden consider yourself fortunate. These little predatory creatures eat up the bad ones you don’t like.


The above image is a Praying Mantis Egg Case and the sawdust looking material are little pieces of opened eggs from inside.


The above image is a Baby Praying Mantis that has just hatched and is crawling on a thumb.


This tiny Praying Mantis will become full sized over one season.


When you take a walk through your garden if you notice one of these they are to be left alone. These insects are beneficial by way to eating pest insects. Many people will buy egg casings like the one in the image to then allow it to hatch in their garden for the benefits of a natural predator that will work hard protecting beloved plants. If you like beneficial insects like the praying mantis in your garden pass on the word that these are the protectors of a healthy garden and the egg casings are not to be disturbed. Thank you for taking a moment out of your day to visit our site. Share this with your friends if you find the information valuable. Have a wonderful day.

More Mantis Information here – Wiki on Praying Mantis

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