Organic Food and Pests Like Spiders

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Organic Food may contain pests and that is natural!

We brought home more than we bargained for from the grocery.


We typically buy organic foods when we can afford them, to us we believe we are receiving less pesticides, and a more nutritious product because chemicals to make plants plump and grow fast cannot be added to get that designation.


The above image is of a California Red and Black Jumping Spider which is normally very tiny, here I have blown up the image so you can see the details.

When we got home the our packages were set down and the grapes were set in the usual space where we put fresh fruits and such. Our daughter got up the next morning and opened the bag of red California Organic Grapes to see some kind of mold or webbing. She called to me to take a look at it and sure enough it was a web from some sort of spider.


The above image shows the webbing from the spider and the package of grapes we purchased at a local Kroger here in Spring Hill TN.
Dad to the rescue I searched the grapes to find a red and black California Jumping spider my only problem is now what to do with the creature. They are non poisonous and harmless other than a painful bite if they are defending themselves. I brought it outside and set it free in the lawn where it will likely die.
If it were some type of hazardous spider I would have killed it but that isn’t necessary today the morning temperatures are in the 20’s so it will probably die anyway. We will still buy organic food, next time we will be a little more careful in our inspection of the produce before we bring it home and hope you will too.


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