My Visit to the MTNA Nashville TN October 2014

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My Visit to the MTNA Trade Show in Nashville TN 2014

From time to time I visit plant nurseries, shows, or other landscape suppliers. I received an email from an industry person that stated there was the Middle Tennessee Nursery Association trade show in down town Nashville. I got so excited to see what was happening in the industry and there is a lot to tell.

Nice open isles with plenty of space


I called up a friend who also owns a landscaping business and he decided to join me for a tour of the event. Jose of Green Scene Irrigation and Landscaping and I gathered brochures and had loads of conversations with the owners of various Nurseries and other related businesses Upon arrival we had to fill out a form or two that asked some details about our businesses. Once we were through we entered and came down the isle in the above photo.

Equipment and Trucks for Landscapers and Nurseries


Rounding the corner at the end we were greeted by equipment manufacturers who sell skid steers, trucks, and more that can help a landscaper or nursery business.

Great Plant Examples to see and even purchase!


There were well over 50 nurseries represented with some from as far away as Ohio. Many had great examples of the plants they grow like the really large Arborvitae below.

What an Arborvitae


Monrovia nurseries had a booth showing off some of their best colorful perennials, shrubs, and trees. I really liked this Red Leaved Mukdenia.

Red Leaved Mukdenia good in zones 4 through 8


In the photo below you can see how it has an almost metallic look from a distance.


Below are two of the local nurseries represented Riverbend Nursery, and Samara Farms.


The people manning the booths were kind enough to let me get a photo to use here on my blog.


Thank you visiting my blog post about my visit to the MTNA’s October 2014 Trade Show in Nashville Tennessee. Get in touch with them for more dates and booth pricing below.

Click the Middle Tennessee Nursery Association Link to visit their site–> Middle Tennessee Nursery Association

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