Lemon Cypress just Beautiful.

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Have you ever had those stickers when you were a kid that you could scratch and sniff? You may have been stuck in a boring class room and one smell of that sweet fragrance on the sticker woke up your senses.

Photo of Lemon Cypress in a small container at a big box retailer.


That is the exact reason I like fragrant plants in the landscape. I could be walking around and wave my hand through my Lavender, Rosemary, or Lemon Thyme and instantly my senses come alive. Well I recently found this plant you must get to know it is called Lemon Cypress. Here is a photo below.

Photo of Lemon Cypress label in a small container at a big box retailer.



You were going to plant an evergreen anyway right, you know there are perennials planned, evergreens for screening and oh yeah you need a colorful interesting conical evergreen to add that certain something. I know this one will do nicely.

Zones 7 and higher, max height 40′ and gets about 8′ around at the base. Couldn’t you just see it and best of all smell it. Do a web search it is out there for order.

You can find more information about this plant here – Cypress.

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