Landscape Garden Art

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Nashville Landscape Garden Art Iron Frog in Vines and Heleborus

Above is a rusted iron frog possibly made from reclaimed materials. Whimsical and attention getting this frog could be in any garden.

By Dalton Quigley

Nashvillians love art in the garden, just take a look at the landscape garden frog. Having a unique garden art piece makes a statement.


Below is a Barbed Wire Cross and Horse Shoe combination holding a 4″ Clay Pot. Size is 17″ tall and the pots are 4″.

These are available for $25. each.

Garden Pot Cross

Very stable because of a large horse shoe base and the weight of the pot adds to the stability.

Garden art is very popular and this makes a statement of faith as well as a place to grow viney plants.


Photo of a garden 4" pot on a barbed wire cross.

Image of a 4″ pot held by a Barbed Wire Cross.

For use on a pedistal, wall, or other flat surface. Both decorative and personal this landscape art is affordable and made by a local Nashville senior who loves Jesus and the garden. He is a master gardener who is putting his talent to good use.


Image of a Cross made of Barbed Wire holding a 4" pot with flower.

Available in the Nashville TN area. A 4″ garden pot held by a Barbed Wire Cross.


To buy one of these just give Chuck a call at 615-639-9939

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