Landscape Design Images from Past Nashville Clients

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By Dalton Quigley

These are some of the designs we worked on during the past couple of years. I hope you will get some ideas designing your back or front yard space.


Above Image – Perennial Gardens are one of our favorite types of designs just look at the Butterfly Bush, Astors, and Baloon Flower in this landscape around the birdbath.

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 Above Image – This is a Xeriscape in Nolensville Tn and the client told me a couple moved in across the street and stated that having her landscape across the street was a part in their decision to buy the home in her neighborhood.


Above Image –  I love adding boulders and just about any type of stone adds a sense of permanence to a space. This design has a Japanese Maple, tall narrow evergreens, ferns, Dwarf Walters Viburnum, along with Coral Bells.


Above Image – Columnar Evergreens give a stately appearance to an entrance and Kockout Roses with Skypencil Hollies always work well.


Above Image – This Spring Hill home has been designed with large columnar Junipers, grasses, Russian Sage, and Laurels. The large Japanese Maple adds color and interest.


Above Image – The client wanted privacy so we discussed evergreens while they also wanted an upscale feel.


Above Image – What would this image look like with out the boulder?


Above Image – Coral Bells around a patio make a softening statement while adding color.


Above Image – Large properties can be designed with a modern open feel that makes you want to explore your landscape.


Above Image – Small spaces do not have to feel small. Here we have designed in a place for a bistro table and chairs. The garden is also very lush.


Above Image – Stone Garden Borders add a value to your home, this design also has upright Junipers, a large Japanese Maple, Blue Star Junipers, and Compressa Junipers.


Above Image – This design leaves room for playing ball in the middle but adds a sense of enclosure to a busy uptown property.


Above Image – Designing Hardscapes is the first step to your design. How are you going to use the space? Then comes the landscaping.


Above Image – Grilling, Eating, or just hanging out this space is great for a busy professional who wants to come home to relax and get away.

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