3 Reasons To Replace an Old Deck with a New Patio.

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By Dalton Quigley


There are many great reasons to replace an old deck with a new patio but this page will focus on just three.

The image below shows a deck that we removed to build a beautiful stone patio.

Photo of a back yard with a 3 tiered deck that was removed to install a stone patio, the image also includes an image of the newly installed patio, steps, and arbor.

In the next two images you can see where we removed a small deck to build a large tan stone patio with buff mortar.

Image of an old deck that had to be removed.

Image of an old deck that had to be removed.

1. The first reason is that a patio gives you greater property value than a deck.

2. The second reason is that there is alot less maintenance on a patio than a deck.

3. The third reason is that a deck will eventually  need to be replaced anyway so

you should replace it with a permanent surface like pavers, flagstone, or concrete.

The landscape of your back yard is a challenge at least one surface can be easier to maintain and

give you more value.

Give Quigleys Landscaping a call for an estimate to take down your old deck and replace it with a new patio.

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